Getting Started

Getting Started with TouchOSC, PureData, OSCulator and TouscOSC Bridge

Whether you have come across TouchOSC templates in the past or are completely new to the scene, the next few paragraphs will bring you up to speed with the latest DJ and music creation tool to hit your touch screen device.


What is TouchOSC and how does it work?

TouchOSC is a multi touch screen interface for your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device. It consists of push and toggle buttons, sliders and rotary controls.
These can be arranged into a ‘layout’ and sends OSC messages to your PC or MAC.


How can TouchOSC control my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?

TouchOSC sends out OSC signals across your WiFi network. Your DAW will only be able to receive MIDI notes, so you will need some software to convert OSC to MIDI.
This is where PureData, OSCulator and TouchOSC Bridge come in. They listen in to your WiFi network for OSC signals to convert into MIDI. You would then have to map each signal to a midi note, then map those notes in your DAW.


This sounds a bit complicated. Is there an easy way to get things up and working?

I’m glad you asked. All the layouts at come with everything setup and ready to go! You just need to make some simple, one off settings inside your DAW.


OK, lets do this thing!!

No problem. Simply click the DAW you are using and I’ll guide you through which knobs and dials to tweak.


Ableton Live for Windows – Ableton Live for Mac OS X